Birthday and Graduation Sale

Birthday and Graduation Blowout

This is the big time now.

It's official. I am going to graduate from college in a few weeks.  And if I can hold it together for two more weeks, I am hoping that I will graduate with TOP honors - yup - Summa Cum Laude - 3.95 GPA I think.  I dreamt this and I am soooo close to seeing it come to fruition.  It has been a truly amazing year and I would not be who I am today without all of you - you know who you are and you know that ya'll held me up when I couldn't even care.  That strength ya'll gave me in my hour of need helped me find the way to change my life.  Words of gratitude do not even express my love.  For real. 

And this weekend is my birthday weekend.  I did not celebrate my 40th and this year I am ready to face the music and I am going to have some fun.  Mostly I just want to go to the beach and relax and hang out with friends.  So in order to celebrate with my long time HollyEQQ freinds and since I am not working this weekend - I am offering:

40 PERCENT OFF everything on except spinning wheels for the entire weekend.

Refund on purchase - no Etsy please.  If you want me to invoice you, that is fine just get me your list. 

I did not think I would have another sale before I graduated, but I am ready to start fresh and open a new page of HollyEQQ.  I am so inspired and ready to work and I can't wait to see what the next chapter is going to be!

Thank you my friends from the very bottom of my heart.

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Batty Babe Update!

Yup, big fat fluffy Batty Babe Batts!  I got up all inspired this morning.  I haven't been on line much this week but every time I looked at something, everyone was making these beautiful batts and it inspired me!  I love batt making and I forget to do it sometimes because I spend so much time dyeing locks!  But not today!!!
I hope ya'll enjoy!

Love Love Batty Babe Batt  Hand Dyed Hand Washed Wool Spinning Felting Doll Hair Locks Art Batt
Hilltop Batty Babe Batt Hand Dyed Hand Washed Wool Spinning Felting Doll Hair Locks Art Batt

Live Oak Batty Babe Batts Hand Dyed Hand Washed Wool Spinning Felting Doll Hair Locks Art Batt
Meadowbrite Batty Babe BattHand Dyed Hand Washed Wool Spinning Felting Doll Hair Locks Art Batt

Oceans of Fiber by HollyEQQ

Musical selection during batt making - Keep on Dancin' til the world ends!  :)
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Another Saturday Update....


Another Saturday update...this is becoming a trend!  But I have been a maniac lately and when I find the time to do an update, I try to squeeze one in!!  I love the fiber in this update.  It is pleasantly soft but not uber duber soft - it has a great texture to it that will look great in a yarn - it is a mix of Romney and Lincoln so it has great curly kinda crimpy thing going on but will fluff up beautifully!

And you wonder where I got the inspiration????  The water was a beautiful green on this day.... and it was a beautiful day for sure.
memorial day at Pensacola Beach

See what happens when I take time off - I get re-inspired and find my happy place!

Oh and here is a more recent picture of me (last night) hanging out with my nephew.  He is GROWN. It is amazing.

Much love to everyone!
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Tonight I have four yarns, some Optim, great roving clouds, an amaazing batt and the sweetest romney cross locks.  All beautiful, all soft, all stuff I would spin myself!  Update before long... probably 8pmish.

See you there!

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Big sale on website and etsy!
Probably last sale for a while as things go back to normal!
Extra sale on finished goods!!

Plus i am taking the weekend off! Sigh. I will still be marking stuff sold over the weekend bu i am shutting down the pots and enjoying some beach time. So go shopping so i can relax!


May 21 update

It is a LIVE oak update!
I will be loading pictures now and starting probably around 3:30pm.  Don't ask me why Saturday afternoon has worked better for updates this month - I have NO idea.  But it is all good.... doing the best I can.

Oh and here is a picture of the fun I got into last night.  
Fun Having




They had an amazing guitarist.  Truly.....the boy could play.
Good times.
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Hotel California

I am sitting here listening to Hotel California.  Great song.

"Some dance to remember...some dance to forget!"

Lately I have been dancing to forget!  My brain is so much in overdrive I am just lost.  Life is good.  For real.  And I have soooo much inspiration for fibery things because I have been in different places with different people...and we know that totally inspires me to create art.

I want to play fiber all the time.  I miss it so much - I mean, I probably dye and spin more than your average person but for a girl who's life has been wool for SOOO long, it feels strange to not work every single minute of the day when I am not at work.  

Today I pulled some beautiful locks and Optim from a dye pot and just sighed.  I love dyeing and playing with wool so much.  It keeps me sane.

One strange thing that has been happening is that I have been doing some phone interviews and not all of them have been here in Pensacola.  Eek.  I mean, I haven't ALWAYS lived here...just the past ten years or so.  And I definitely have not always loved it here during that time.  But I have been happy.  And well, it is kinda paradise.

So I am looking around me with new eyes.  I imagine I will end up staying here but yeah, a girls gotta work.  I would be HollyEQQ full time in a SNAP but yeah, damn health insurance.

That means not as many shows and not as many field trips as some of my counter-parts - who are all FREAKIN at MDWS and making me super jealous.  So I guess watching all of them get ready to go makes me a little sad...but then I remember how hard I have worked and how happy doing what I do makes me.  I don't want to give it up and I have to have a day job so I need to keep a nice balance.  One HUGE thing that I miss right now is writing here.  I used to have access from work which allowed me to write more whenever I thought of something - mostly on my lunch break.  Now, if I am writing here it takes away from my fiber time, which bites.  I still do it mind you...just not as prolifically as I have in the past.   But I try.  So much has happened in the time that I have been HollyEQQ.  It is crazy.  Some days I go back and read the five or six years of my art journal and I am AMAZED. 

Ok, enough sap - lets get onto the pictures! 
This was a beautiful windy day - and this NUT went windsurfing.  CRAZY.
Me Studying at the beach....


I took this picture when I was doing a phone interview. Hilarious huh?  Not bad surroundings.

And some recent yarns.  I have been enjoying spinning.

Tempramental Handspun Yarn 1388Tempramental Handspun Yarn 113

SO that is it.  Oh and the dyepots have been good to me this week.  I hope that I will be able to update one night this week.  That would great. 

Oh and this is my friends TDK's friend.  Cool song and GREAT shots of the beach.
Like I have said before - this is where we pray, party, marry, bury, celebrate, grieve, relax, and renew.  It means so much more to us than just sand and salt.  I think he really gets it.

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