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Not sure where I will land... but there are new yarns!


Beautiful Man

Spinning yarn for a man is always a challenge. But luckily, this yarn is like this wonderful man - Ken - beautiful, eclectic, solid, kind, generous, wild, tall and a good soul. We met over a beer and some Shakin' it Fast music... yup... I had on the good jeans. Next thing I knew we were going for food with a group of folks and laughing until my ribs hurt. Oh yes, the way to my heart is food, beer, and dancing in Wysteria. But I fell in love that night with a wonderful human being. The reason these two yarns took so long to transpire is that Ken is not to be contained and is definitely not one sided or black and white. He is multifaceted, very Prada and Dolce, but not snobby and definitely not boring. And while he is the wildest ride you have ever been on.... he is rich and deep and pure inside. You will laugh until you cry but he will always be there by your side and if you are lucky, there will be dancing.

This first wild yarn was started almost a year ago when I went to my very first LGBT Memorial Day weekend here at Pensacola Beach. It was wild and fun and a day I will never forget.


So, the first yarn is inspired from our Memorial Day extravaganza.... jello shots, cute boys, flags, silk, topless girls, drama, and that one straight guy that just got out of jail - oh my.


The second baby lock yarn is inspired by a beautiful soft, long lasting, kind friend that is tried and true. Upright but not uptight! Like a good friend, it will last a lifetime.


He left me, as they all do, and headed to the Big Apple for a new life but I know he isn't far and home is on the water.

And in other news.......
I did not renew my website for now. I may change my mind because looking at it today it made me very sad to see "website suspended". On a positive tip, the lack of pressure has inspired some good work and classes and fun things that take me back to my art. While I am always HollyEQQ, I am no longer an official business. I am simply an artist who enjoys working with wool and people. I have no idea where I will be selling but I am sure I will find a way. :)

p.s. I miss LJ so I thought I would post here. But most of me is now on Facebook - Holly EQQ
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