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SO, I am sorry I haven't been posting here lately. With moving to using an Iphone at home and only using the laptop to update the website at wifi hotspots, it makes it hard to use Livejournal. But I am still here! I am still working. And I am on Facebook regularly with my normal crazy self! Just add me - Holly Eqq

Todays update is loading now and YUP, I am having a sale. Today is my girl Julies 40th birthday celebration so in honor of her, we are having a birthday sale on everything HollyEQQ!
And I am loading up a bunch of winter woolies! So go check it out.

Happy Hollydays!
I miss seeing the updates on escapades and photos of Mr. Ass and DLD! And your pretty self too!

I miss posting here too! I keep trying to get back to it but so much has changed!
I hope to see you on facebook!
Much love
Holly, mr ass, and damn lil dog