Another Saturday update...this is becoming a trend!  But I have been a maniac lately and when I find the time to do an update, I try to squeeze one in!!  I love the fiber in this update.  It is pleasantly soft but not uber duber soft - it has a great texture to it that will look great in a yarn - it is a mix of Romney and Lincoln so it has great curly kinda crimpy thing going on but will fluff up beautifully!

And you wonder where I got the inspiration????  The water was a beautiful green on this day.... and it was a beautiful day for sure.
memorial day at Pensacola Beach

See what happens when I take time off - I get re-inspired and find my happy place!

Oh and here is a more recent picture of me (last night) hanging out with my nephew.  He is GROWN. It is amazing.

Much love to everyone!