I am sitting here listening to Hotel California.  Great song.

"Some dance to remember...some dance to forget!"

Lately I have been dancing to forget!  My brain is so much in overdrive I am just lost.  Life is good.  For real.  And I have soooo much inspiration for fibery things because I have been in different places with different people...and we know that totally inspires me to create art.

I want to play fiber all the time.  I miss it so much - I mean, I probably dye and spin more than your average person but for a girl who's life has been wool for SOOO long, it feels strange to not work every single minute of the day when I am not at work.  

Today I pulled some beautiful locks and Optim from a dye pot and just sighed.  I love dyeing and playing with wool so much.  It keeps me sane.

One strange thing that has been happening is that I have been doing some phone interviews and not all of them have been here in Pensacola.  Eek.  I mean, I haven't ALWAYS lived here...just the past ten years or so.  And I definitely have not always loved it here during that time.  But I have been happy.  And well, it is kinda paradise.

So I am looking around me with new eyes.  I imagine I will end up staying here but yeah, a girls gotta work.  I would be HollyEQQ full time in a SNAP but yeah, damn health insurance.

That means not as many shows and not as many field trips as some of my counter-parts - who are all FREAKIN at MDWS and making me super jealous.  So I guess watching all of them get ready to go makes me a little sad...but then I remember how hard I have worked and how happy doing what I do makes me.  I don't want to give it up and I have to have a day job so I need to keep a nice balance.  One HUGE thing that I miss right now is writing here.  I used to have access from work which allowed me to write more whenever I thought of something - mostly on my lunch break.  Now, if I am writing here it takes away from my fiber time, which bites.  I still do it mind you...just not as prolifically as I have in the past.   But I try.  So much has happened in the time that I have been HollyEQQ.  It is crazy.  Some days I go back and read the five or six years of my art journal and I am AMAZED. 

Ok, enough sap - lets get onto the pictures! 
This was a beautiful windy day - and this NUT went windsurfing.  CRAZY.
Me Studying at the beach....


I took this picture when I was doing a phone interview. Hilarious huh?  Not bad surroundings.

And some recent yarns.  I have been enjoying spinning.

Tempramental Handspun Yarn 1388Tempramental Handspun Yarn 113

SO that is it.  Oh and the dyepots have been good to me this week.  I hope that I will be able to update one night this week.  That would great. 

Oh and this is my friends TDK's friend.  Cool song and GREAT shots of the beach.
Like I have said before - this is where we pray, party, marry, bury, celebrate, grieve, relax, and renew.  It means so much more to us than just sand and salt.  I think he really gets it.